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Saltbox TV: "It’s Free and on Fire at Senior Living Communities"

When I first heard that I would be interviewing Jerry Goehring, co-founder of Saltbox TV, I went right in and added Saltbox to my streaming channels. What a blast from the past! Lots of cool health and wellness programming for seniors, but the real kick was the trip down memory lane with some old classics like The Jack Benny Show, Life of Riley, and even some Laurel and Hardy. They’re constantly updating and adding episodes, so I’ll be checking back often.

Jerry Goehring is the newest partner of iN2L (a Foresight partner). He and Jack York, co-founder of iN2L, were eager to share more about Saltbox TV on iN2L’s platform since it’s really catching fire inside iN2L user communities. I caught up with them recently. (Just listening to the repartee between Jack and Jerry was fun.)

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Learn more about our partnership with Saltbox TV.

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