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Frequently asked

Company Questions

Where did iN2L go? Why LifeLoop?
If I only have iN2L products/services, will LifeLoop’s solution automatically be added to my existing solution?
Is iN2L still a part of the company?
How can I get a demo of LifeLoop's solutions?
Do you have a physical location?

Billing & Invoicing Questions

Will this rebrand/company name change affect our contract with iN2L? Do we have to sign a new contract with LifeLoop?
How can I get a copy of the LifeLoop W-9?
I haven’t received my invoices, or my invoices are going to an incorrect email address.
How do I pay my invoice?
When can I usually expect to receive my invoice? What period of service do the invoices cover?
My invoice was billed with taxes, but my company is tax exempt. How can I have the invoice corrected?
What if I want to cancel my services?

Subscriptions, Support, & Training Questions

How can I contact Customer Support?
How can my staff get training on your solution?
My iN2L system by LifeLoop seems to be locked and I can’t exit out of the pop-up. Why?
Do you sell both hardware and software?
Can I get pricing for your solution?

Still have questions?

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