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We are customer-obsessed. We incorporate customer feedback in everything we do and everything we build, because our mission is to make senior care exceptional for everyone. And that starts with our customers.
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Don't take our word for it—this is what our customers are saying about LifeLoop.
“Wow! What an amazing tool to have! Where have you been my entire career?! Since adding iN2L and enhancing our programs through the use of technology, our activity attendance has increased.”
“Technology can create positive engagement with minimal staff resources, that’s where the more successful operators will spend their time over the next few years”
“This past week I was talking with a resident’s brother who travels internationally for work.  He reminded me that one big factor in choosing Aksarben Village Retirement for his sister’s care was the weekly update emails he would receive from LifeLoop!”
“LifeLoop has been a real value to our campus. With previous solutions it came across more as a gimmick than a helpful tool. With LifeLoop, we are seeing increasing adoption between staff and residents because of how useful and easy it is to use. LifeLoop has become a useful asset to our business.”
“We lead our community with purpose and passion to fulfill our residents’ needs and improve their quality of life. iN2L is a great tool that we utilize every day to bring fulfillment and joy to our residents and to help build a fostering culture in our community”
“LifeLoop is valuable to us because the present and the future of our industry is to keep family members more and more involved in our residents' lives. Family members are naturally curious about what's going on with their loved ones, and LifeLoop is both a proactive and reactive way of helping with that.”
“We have 8 iN2L units in our Ave Maria Home Green Houses, and they have been a lifesaver during COVID. Our elders’ average age is 80 to 85, and they are like The Jetsons using video chat, and they love it! We now have 3 tablets for Assisted Living and our Speech Therapist. We love iN2L!”
“LifeLoop is essential in connecting our residents and families to Balfour. It's a user-friendly platform that gives our residents the ability to directly communicate to the team at a moment’s notice. For families, LifeLoop offers the same resources and lines of communication while providing peace of mind as to their loved ones’ well-being through participation info and photos.”
“LifeLoop solves so many of the problems you have when you’re reaching a huge number of residents and family members all at once. It keeps us all connected, in a way that’s scalable and transparent.”
“LifeLoop’s valuable to us because the present and the future of our industry is to keep family members more and more involved in our residents’ lives. Family members are naturally curious about what’s going on with their loved ones, and LifeLoop is both a proactive and reactive way of helping with that.”
“LifeLoop helped us solve problems we didn’t even know we had. It allowed us to realize the types of things family members wanted to know about their loved ones. Also, the ability to keep on top of the community as a whole with LifeLoop was quite amazing. We thought we were on top of it but with LifeLoop we realized there was so much more we could be doing.”
“LifeLoop brought me back from the brink. My community decided that LifeLoop would be the way of scheduling our everyday. I use LifeLoop for my calendar, transportation, repair services, and meals! A goal of mine has always been to have a speaking part in the rest of my life. LifeLoop has made that possible.”
“The social interaction is great. When they all sing together, when they all do the word games together, they‘re working together. It brings value to our activity program.”
“When tours come in, and potential clients look at our home to see if they want to live here, I tell them about how we stand apart just because of iN2L. It sells itself and a room to an elder in need almost every time.”
“We found that if we got the family members invited to LifeLoop, it was an extraordinary sales tool. They wouldn’t have to rely on their mom to remember what she did each day. They were able to see it for themselves in real time.”
“I have this elder who is pretty rough on the outside. One day I decided to play hymn songs from iN2L, and I looked across the room and she was crying. I knelt down to her and asked her, “Are you ok? Why are you crying?” She smiled and said ‘Oh honey, don’t worry they are good tears. I haven’t heard this music is a long time. And it makes my heart so happy.’ Thank you for bringing back happy tears.”
“LifeLoop has been a wonderful tool for our community. It allows us to share activity information with families and ensure each resident is offered the opportunity to participate. Before LifeLoop, many of our families didn’t know all of the programming opportunities we offer. Now, they feel connected with their loved one's activities, can view photos, and easily communicate with us.”
“I wanted to let you know the amazing impact this has had on our community. It has changed all of our lives. As an Activities Director I have been able to redesign my whole entire calendar. Everything I do uses the system in some way. I never once thought that it would have the impact it has had on my elders.”
“I have worked with LifeLoop since its beginnings and I continue to be impressed with the continued growth and improvement of the product. Our families enjoy the information and photos they get daily, a kind of a window into their loved one's day, and our staff relies on the communication and attendance tracking.”
“Caregiving can be hard and challenging work. But it gives back a love we didn’t know possible. Thanks to LifeLoop for providing us with so many creative options and allowing our program to SHINE!”
“We wanted this system in our memory unit to better equip the outside caregivers when they come in to one-on-one with our residents. With iN2L they are able to pull up My Page and find their favorites, enabling them to better interact with them vs. just sitting at their side or trying to make conversation with a resident they do not know.”
“LifeLoop has made a difference to, not only our community, but it has been a window for the relatives to see their loved ones. And it continues to be so comforting for them to see their relatives active and smiling!  On a personal level, it has put everything in one place and made me much more efficient in a job that is the antithesis of a ‘desk job.’”
“Those charts and reporting in LifeLoop serve as a visual manifestation of what the resident is going through. It is important to take that resident reporting information and share it with others on the care team.”
“We didn’t have a clue of the full picture of what LifeLoop was going to be able to do for us. The difference it was going to make in our operations, the difference it was going to make in our culture, the difference it was going to make for our families. Continuing to build that trust with the families in a way that has exceeded what we thought it was going to do. So, it’s been pretty great.”
“LifeLoop helps our staff keep track of who we extend invitations to for all our activities and increases participation. The LifeLoop employees have been extremely helpful and are very responsive to all our questions. I am so thankful to have LifeLoop as a part of our activities program and would recommend it to all senior living communities.”
“LifeLoop has been an extremely valuable communication tool for us. Our staff uses LifeLoop to document and communicate important information about residents. LifeLoop helps us connect with family members. Family members love LifeLoop because it helps them to stay involved in our residents' lives and help them to stay informed with what their loved ones are doing here!”
“Thank you for all you do to help seniors be able to learn to use technology that most of them have never tried before.”
“With LifeLoop, one of the great things is that when a new employee starts, they are able to build relationships with residents even faster because all of the information is at their fingertips.”
“The team from LifeLoop has been tremendous to work with. From initial contact to rollout, everything has gone like clockwork. We use iN2L in activities as well as a tool for therapy and social engagement within our Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Transitional Care, and Skilled Nursing communities”
“iN2L enables our team members to create operational and workflow efficiencies, improve resident well-being and differentiate us in a competitive market.”
“iN2L is an invaluable tool that truly enhances the lives of our residents throughout the day, every day. It is used in so many groups for meaningful engagement in meaningful ways cognitively, socially, spiritually, and physically throughout the day”
“We have amazing teamwork here at Brookdale Valparaiso, and I am so thankful for the wonderful staff who take excellent care of our residents. The CNAs and Nurses help with programming/activities and do so by using iN2L daily with our residents”
“You and your ideas, iN2L, are an inspiration. Just today, my staff said to me, ‘We are much more confident with caring for residents because we can connect (feel close) with them on a level that was not available before,’ which is a win-win for both.”
“In this industry, employee turnover is common, unfortunately, and it can be very difficult to bring new staff up to speed. An easy system like this really helps. And it can even help build a consistent company culture, even as staff rotates.”
“I have worked with Life Loop since its beginnings and I continue to be impressed with the continued growth and improvement of the product. Our families enjoy the information and photos they get daily, a kind of a window into their loved one’s day, and our staff relies on the communication and attendance tracking.”
“Residents and families are loving LifeLoop because they can share messages and pictures with each other easily. Residents love being able to sign up for activities right from their phone. We no longer print sign-up sheets, as the front desk staff or residents themselves can register directly on LifeLoop. Family members love that they can get pictures and reports about what their loved one is doing.”
“LifeLoop has been a remarkable tool for the residents of First Place-Phoenix and their families. It’s an easy-to-use platform that helps the transition of moving to a supportive, inclusive apartment living. LifeLoop has helped residents feel independent with utilization of the calendar feature and maintenance requests, and the families feel connected with knowing how engaged their loved one is.”
“There’s a lot of good work being done around Alzheimer’s and dementia and iN2L is a great tool to help.”
“The LifeLoop transportation feature has made it much easier for our drivers and easier for our residents and staff to schedule appointments. We easily view transportation calendar to check for driver and vehicle availability. And we always see where residents are going at a glance. One of the best features is how easy it is to operate LifeLoop.”
“I'm not sure how we'd be getting through this time without LifeLoop! We have increased our family connections, probably doubled in the past week. Freeing up staff and creating crucial time for us to serve residents, rather than being on the phone calling families.”
“With iN2L, we can facilitate activities that are cognitively stimulating, physically engaging, entertaining and much more.”
“LifeLoop has given our community a tool that has helped streamline our Life Enrichment program. Due to the easy-to-use features, the Life Enrichment team now has the data to help tell the story of each resident and their needs. In addition, the program has created efficiencies allowing us to spend more one-on-one time with residents — which is priceless.”
“I love all that LifeLoop has to offer! Two features have quickly become my favorites: the calendar designer and attendance tracking. As any Activities Director knows, planning and creating your calendars can take days. LifeLoop has simplified and expedited this process. I would recommend LifeLoop to any activities professional without hesitation.”
“I wanted to let you know how much of a life saver LifeLoop has been for us. Never in a million years did we anticipate a pandemic as we were working to implement LifeLoop, but it has such a tremendous resource in navigating communication with residents and families in these strange times.  I can’t imagine going through these times without it.”
“The iN2L products have been a wonderful addition to the services and support that LifeStream is able to provide. Participants report feeling more engaged in their daily activities, more connected to friends and family, and less isolated and depressed. LifeStream is grateful to partner with LifeLoop to deliver this wonderful product to so many deserving seniors.”
“LifeLoop is an incredible tool for resident, staff, and family engagement. Creating a calendar, newsletter and digital signage has never been easier. The software is intuitive, and the interface is user-friendly! We recently had a resident tell us, “I don’t know what I would do without LifeLoop.” If I had to use three words to describe LifeLoop, it would be accessible, innovative, and invaluable!”
“We are using iN2L Content on LifeLoop to help make therapy more enjoyable for residents. I hear it constantly from residents, ‘Wow! I love the bubble game. I actually love going to therapy now!”
“We are so grateful for iN2L technology. Not only has it enhanced the lives of our residents, but it has also provided meaningful ways for our team members to collaborate with them daily. Our residents are engaged and connected.”
“LifeLoop has enhanced and simplified staff communication for our community. We are now able to easily message each other, family and residents in one platform. I am always at ease that I never miss a message because of the notifications I receive. Our residents also enjoy using the messaging feature to contact staff and appreciate being able to view the calendar activities in their resident portal.”
“Our group has very much enjoyed using the iN2L system. There was a patient with severe dementia that very much disliked working on standing balance activities, until we played the polka music on the system and he popped right out of his chair and danced with me during our session! It was great!”
“Our residents love that they can take iN2L to their room when families visit or just to enjoy on their own. I can roam anywhere in the community and see them actively using it in small groups or alone.”
“We have had such wonderful opportunities to fulfill the ‘dreams’ of our veterans in these recent months….You have created an amazing product.”
“The display feature on LifeLoop is convenient and effective when it comes to keeping residents informed.  I’m able to be at my desk and put an announcement up that will be live throughout the building within 5 minutes.  It’s really incredible!  We also just started utilizing the display feature for our break room, so Team Members can stay informed as well.”
“LifeLoop is a good and useful tool to learn about what you’re going to do. The newsletter was fun to work on and is also useful to let people know what we’ve been doing in the Adult Continuing Education Center at Opportunities, Inc.”
“LifeLoop has been a game changer for me as a Maintenance Director in managing scheduled property preventative maintenance and resident needs in the form of work orders for our property. Not only does LifeLoop streamline communication, but it also eliminates the use of paperwork orders and keeps a history of closed out work orders that you can search for if you need to.”
“Family members have raved about the LifeLoop Express, loving the mailed postcard!”
“We love that the LifeLoop transportation feature is user friendly. It provides our families, residents, and team members the opportunity to easily set-up appointments. Our transportation is organized and streamlined to better serve the needs of our Westmont Living Communities.  ”
“I work in the Memory Care unit. This morning I arrived for my shift to see a 92 year-old Sister dancing with a nurse to an Elvis karaoke song as the other Sisters clapped with huge smiles. Before iN2L I would have arrived to see the Sisters sitting in front of a video. This is a lasting improvement to my Sisters’ lives.”
“The iN2L video chat option is the easiest and most user-friendly for our more senior family members that are not as tech-savvy. It beats Skype and Duo and Facebook Messenger!”
“I am so proud of my team and the work we do to engage our residents with such meaningful opportunities. LifeLoop helps us reach those goals each day! Our Life Enrichment program has been taken to new heights. LifeLoop has transformed how we engage with families and residents and allow our staff time to focus on what’s important, time and relationships with our residents”
“We immediately became subscribers when we first saw what LifeLoop could do. Our Activities staff and our families LOVE it! Once we saw iN2L’s capabilities, we were equally enamored with it and became subscribers to it as well. These programs have added so much to an already robust activities calendar; our residents have thousands of options daily. Best money we have ever spent!”
“I have been so impressed with not only the system but the company as well. Thanks to you and the fabulous company that you are so blessed to work for.”
“The customer service at LifeLoop has been top-notch!  Any questions or problems we have they are able to help us immediately either by phone, email or video conferencing.  They have been amazing at taking suggestions and requests from us and have their programmers make changes to better meet our needs. Here at Jamestown, we feel this is an invaluable tool for residents, families and staff.”
“I have been looking for years for that needed way to connect with residents. It has been an elusive search to find true ways to continue the connection/relationship as the resident declines. Now, with iN2L throughout our community, the connections, community, and relationships are happening and touching all involved.”
“iN2L is the most amazing tool and gift to seniors and their families!!! Why doesn’t the whole world have these?!”
“We strive to conduct every activity with purpose, encouraging engagement and interest in a diverse range of activities. iN2L aids in creating engaging, meaningful, and creative activities for residents. The choices and accessibility of music, videos, and games have exceeded resident satisfaction. Overall, using iN2L has increased the level of care and efficiency in our community.”
“Dementia sets up boundaries and puts up hurdles for us to go through. iN2L breaks down these barriers and gives us a connection so we can share and engage in their world with caregivers and families.”
“We work diligently to enrich the lives of all our residents by utilizing multiple mediums. iN2L has allowed us to reach residents that are in different phases of life: some word lovers, game players, our techies, as well as cognitively impaired.”
“By utilizing LifeLoop in my community, I have been able to save time, and as a result, added more one-to-ones with our residents, resulting in improved engagement and quality of life. I recommend LifeLoop to all Long Term Care Communities!”
“We love iN2L… It has helped our residents connect to their families”
“In 2022, when families were able to reunite after the pandemic, there was an increased demand to not only maintain greater contact but to also increase the ways in which they felt connected to their loved one. Having technology such as LifeLoop, we had the tools to give families the peace of mind that they were seeking. And, to show how much fun we were having along the way.”
“As a growing company, we are interested in consistent visual branding of our calendars, daily agendas and newsletters. LifeLoop Designer helped us create specialized Westmont Living templates that include our logo, color palette, and graphic elements. ”
“The iN2L tablet is quickly becoming an active, everyday tool on the part of our caregivers. It’s made an amazing world of difference in operations and caregiving environments. There has been tremendous engagement among residents when the staff began to use it. We’ve seen great results in terms of improvements in mood, physical activity and engagement.”

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