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Why LifeLoop

Enhance resident experience

Our comprehensive platform delivers personalized engagement, activities, and opportunities that connect people with their passions, each other, and the world around them.
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Enhance resident experience

Communities that flourish have residents who are fulfilled, engaged, and leading lives with clear purpose

Fewer prospects are becoming residents

With only 10% of prospects becoming residents, it's critical to demonstrate to seniors and their families that you understand what it takes to make a community a home.

  • With LifeLoop on full display, including active engagement from satisfied residents and energized staff, a tour for prospective residents becomes a captivating experience.
Resident loneliness takes center stage

Residents thrive when they can easily make connections with each other and staff.

  • With a variety of activities and opportunities at their fingertips, LifeLoop brings residents together to share their passions every day, with 94% of staff reporting that LifeLoop reduces resident loneliness.
Resident length of stay is shrinking

Residents may live within a community, but the ability to stay connected to the outside world cultivates passion and curiosity, keeping them from feeling cutoff.

  • With opportunities to not only connect with their families but also the broader world, LifeLoop immerses residents in a fulfilling environment that acknowledge past interests and future curiosities. 

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Discover how we make it easy to adapt to evolving resident expectations and deliver a unique experience for each individual.  See for yourself how LifeLoop can help your community flourish.
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Learn how LifeLoop delivers a personalized
experience for each resident

Explore features that are purposefully designed to give senior living residents a rich and fulfilling experience.
Resident personalization
Get a clearer picture of each resident's needs and improve your person-centered care.
iN2L content
Engage residents and empower caregivers with wellness-focused digital content.
Resident portal
Help residents stay connected to their family and friends and engaged with the community.
“We lead our community with purpose and passion to fulfill our residents’ needs and improve their quality of life. iN2L is a great tool that we utilize every day to bring fulfillment and joy to our residents and to help build a fostering culture in our community”

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See how LifeLoop cultivates residents' passions

Help your community flourish with an array of activities and opportunities designed to drive senior resident engagement.

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  • Turn prospects into residents
  • Increase length of stay
  • Keep residents connected to the outside world
Flourishing LifeLoop communities
LifeLoop has been a remarkable tool for the residents of First Place-Phoenix and their families. It’s an easy-to-use platform that helps the transition of moving to a supportive, inclusive apartment living. LifeLoop has helped residents feel independent with utilization of the calendar feature and maintenance requests, and the families feel connected with knowing how engaged their loved one is.
Nina Bernardo Community Life Coordinator Firstplace-Phoenix

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