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Purposeful engagement: the challenge, the opportunity, the example


Purposeful engagement: the challenge, the opportunity, the example

Engagement in senior living communities was originally designed for a broad audience, and rooted in group activities. With its restrictions on communal gatherings, the pandemic has exposed the inadequacies of that system and highlighted the need for change. Today’s forward-thinking communities now work to adopt alternative approaches for keeping elders engaged and connected—ones that are more purposeful, and that don’t rely on standard engagement models. 

Watch this webinar to learn:
  • The key components of purposeful engagement, and ideas for using tech to amplify the experience for residents and staff
  • How to deliver more meaningful engagement with the help of small, resident-led groups based on common interests 
  • The benefits of technology designed for ease of use and that lets residents choose how, when, and with whom to engage

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