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Engagement Technology Enhances Vivage Senior Living Community’s Mission to Provide the Right Care

Customer Spotlight
Quality Improvement Specialist, Olivia Mogab (Left) and Innovation Specialist, Hope Carwile (Right)

IN2L + LifeLoop are committed to delivering a great product, but it truly is our customers that push us toward innovation.

Celebrating Aging

It’s no coincidence that this resident-focused company is named “Vivage” which means “celebrating aging”, a vision their company takes to heart. From the CEO Jay Moskowitz on down, each care partner throughout their 32-community network strives to provide the best, individualized care to every resident, understanding that it takes a personal connection to help the residents thrive. “Aging has always been portrayed as a bad thing. We see anti-aging commercials, creams, and everything to make you look younger. [At Vivage] we honor aging. Growing older is a privilege, one not everyone gets,” notes Olivia Mogab. If there’s one thing Mogab wants you to know, it’s that there’s a whole lot of life happening within their communities. Vivage takes pride in its programming which provides community members the opportunity to engage, socialize, and maintain independence while receiving top-notch, round-the-clock care.

Right Care – Right Place – Right Time

Right Care – Right Place – Right Time is more than just Vivage’s mission statement, it’s an approach taken with each and every member of their communities. The Right Care approach commits to providing each resident care that is specifically tailored to meet their needs, wherever they are in their journey. Whether it is skilled nursing, memory and dementia care, long-term care, or any of the other services offered through Vivage, each resident and their support network can rest assured they will receive custom care for their unique needs. The iN2L + LifeLoop platform has contributed to the Right Care philosophy by keeping family members in the know regarding their loved one’s care. “This was really a need during the pandemic when family members were looking for increased communication. [iN2L + LifeLoop] really brought us into the future,” states Mogab.

As we age, our needs change. With this in mind, Vivage strives to cultivate a culture that celebrates each resident’s unique personality. When you walk into a  Vivage community, you will notice every community is different because every resident population is different! The care partners at Vivage utilize iN2L+LifeLoop to collect and record resident information which allows them to create engagement opportunities that align with each resident’s needs and interests. Vivage communities encourage residents to bring familiar items with them to ease their transition into their new homes. They plan exciting events such as the annual holiday party where residents receive gifts, enjoy dancing, sip on hot cocoa, and sport their finest attire. The team works hard to create opportunities to promote engagement and celebrate all the joy the residents bring to their care partners and vice versa. “The [iN2L + LifeLoop] platform has allowed us to really have a stronger sense of community connection,” explains Innovation Specialist, Hope Carwile. By diligently weaving bits of each resident’s identity into their community’s culture, Vivage excels at making residents feel included and at home.

Right Time refers to the changing needs of the residents. Some may come only for rehab and quickly transition back home. Others require long-term care. “You have the right to take the care that you need. Let’s make it a safe transition. Let’s make sure it’s the right time. Let’s customize what you need right now,” offers Mogab.

Putting Residents First

Vivage has a long history of putting its residents first. When asked about the company’s mission and goals Carwile noted the following, “We are really doing justice work for individuals. We ask, ‘Where is this person? What are their needs?’ and we determine the best transition process. It really is transformative.” Carwile indicates that autonomy, flexibility, openness, and exploration are fundamental to the positive experience of residents, and iN2L+LifeLoop has been instrumental in helping them achieve those objectives in the following ways:

  • Communication: “Many customers expect communication tools like LifeLoop within the assisted living community, but they don’t expect to see it in skilled nursing. Working together with our counterparts at LifeLoop allowed us to figure out how to make it work for many of our communities which puts us on an even playing field,” says Mogab. Their communities have shifted from paper calendars to visual management, sharing the calendars, menus, videos, and other important information on large televisions throughout the communities. It keeps residents and their families in the know so no one misses a thing.
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  • Care partners and resident engagement: The use of the iN2L +LifeLoop tools has been wildly successful with the residents, particularly during the isolation of the pandemic. Residents within Vivage communities had access to iN2L tablets and technology keeping their minds sharp, and their spirits up, all while allowing them to safely connect with their support networks. iN2L + LifeLoop allowed care partners and residents to strengthen their bonds through engagement technology. Mogab shared, “It helps our care partners engage and build trust with residents. Being able to grab a tablet and say ‘Hey, let’s play a game’ can break down barriers and help residents feel more at ease and engaged.”
  • Education tool: Carwile shared, “It [iN2L + LifeLoop] allows us to help residents on the diversity, inclusion, and equity journey. We can bring them resources that demonstrate different viewpoints, different cultures, different life experiences. This can be hard to do in the traditional skilled nursing or assisted living communities.”

We Feel Supported

Vivage is committed to providing compassionate care that puts its residents first. The highest priority is to promote health, wellness, and personal lifestyle choices through exceptional communities that bring value and innovation. iN2L + LifeLoop allow Vivage to honor its commitment to its care partners, residents, and their loved ones. Both Mogab and Carwile agreed that the support they’ve received from IN2L + LifeLoop is what makes them so valuable. “When it comes to these platforms, always train. Constantly train. They have made a huge impact on the community and the support we’ve received from Adam Siak, manager of client success, has been so helpful. Anyone can just sell you a product and walk away, but the care partners and resident turnover require continued support. IN2L + LifeLoop provide that,” states Mogab.

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With continued client support and the union of IN2L + LifeLoop, Mogab has a bright outlook on the future of Vivage communities, “Our long-term care communities are where people go to live. The amount of life and knowledge in the communities is unbelievable. We wish everyone could come to walk these halls and see how residents in long-term care aren’t any different.”

To learn more about Vivage communities and their unique commitment to care, you can visit their website at

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