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LifeLoop acquires Linked Senior, advancing innovation for the senior living resident experience of tomorrow

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We have one goal:
Helping senior living communities flourish

LifeLoop’s comprehensive software platform delivers quality experiences for seniors from move-in day to every day—all while ensuring efficiency and organization for staff in all they do.

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LifeLoop Senior Living Community Engagement Platform

LifeLoop Linked Senior Logo

LifeLoop acquires Linked Senior, advancing innovation for the senior living resident experience of tomorrow

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We have a comprehensive offering that enables more human connection

LifeLoop technology engages residents, families, staff, operators, and owners to enhance the resident experience, improve staff efficiency, and optimize communications for all.

Enhance resident experience

Our platform delivers personalized engagement, activities, and opportunities that connect people with their passions, each other, and the world around them.

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Improve staff experience

We make operations run more smoothly, facilitating preferences, requests, signups, and all the things that make life easier and more fulfilling for staff and caregivers.

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Connect family members

We make communicating seamless and easy for residents, staff, and family to foster meaningful connections and keep everyone in the loop.

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We are the pioneers and leaders of resident engagement, serving the largest population of seniors, staff, and family members.



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Our customers flourish with LifeLoop.
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With over 4,700 communities using the LifeLoop solution, along with our iN2L content, we've received many wonderful testimonials. From large to small, single to multiple levels of service, west coast to east coast, we are proud to serve them all.

“I am so proud of my team and the work we do to engage our residents with such meaningful opportunities. LifeLoop helps us reach those goals each day! Our Life Enrichment program has been taken to new heights. LifeLoop has transformed how we engage with families and residents and allow our staff time to focus on what’s important, time and relationships with our residents”
“I wanted to let you know the amazing impact this has had on our community. It has changed all of our lives. As an Activities Director I have been able to redesign my whole entire calendar. Everything I do uses the system in some way. I never once thought that it would have the impact it has had on my elders.”
“We lead our community with purpose and passion to fulfill our residents’ needs and improve their quality of life. iN2L is a great tool that we utilize every day to bring fulfillment and joy to our residents and to help build a fostering culture in our community”
“LifeLoop has enhanced and simplified staff communication for our community. We are now able to easily message each other, family and residents in one platform. I am always at ease that I never miss a message because of the notifications I receive. Our residents also enjoy using the messaging feature to contact staff and appreciate being able to view the calendar activities in their resident portal.”
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2024 Report: The state of senior living and technology

In this fifth installment of our annual report, we take a deep dive into the industry’s changing needs and acute challenges, its use of purpose-built technology, and a look at growth.

Download our report to gain insights into:

  • The industry’s biggest challenges
  • Its adoption and use of existing technology solutions
  • The biggest opportunities senior living leaders should take advantage of today
2024 Report: The state of senior living and technology

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See how LifeLoop helps improve relationships between staff members, residents and their family members all while providing them with a seamless user experience.