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Case study

The art of creating innovative, purposeful programs with iN2L

Organization name

Anthology of Olathe

Care settings

Independent, assisted living, & memory care

At a glance

Challenge: Create innovative and purposeful engagement programs 

Solution: Enable residents to experience the world through iN2L content

Results: Easily accessed content gives staff more time for 1:1 support

Outcomes with LifeLoop
  • Stimulating conversation between residents, staff, and families 
  • Triggered memories among residents  
  • Saved time and money in creating content and related activities  

With staffing changes a consistent challenge, the team at Anthology of Olathe endeavors to find the time to create engagement programs that will enrich the lives of their residents. The team felt it necessary to evolve from their current practice of leading every minute of each group activitytime they know is better spent interacting with their residents and providing 1:1 support.


Now with over two years of experience leveraging the iN2L engagement system in their activity programs, the Anthology of Olathe team has mastered the art of creating innovative and purposeful programs for independent living, assisted living, and memory care residents. 

 Through iN2L content residents of Anthology of Olathe are able to regularly tour the world, visit museums, explore cuisines from across the globe, and still find time for casino nights, karaoke sessions, and Sunday morning worship. 

Anthology of Olathe is beyond grateful for the incredible team we have and that we have access to such an incredible program like iN2L to help make activities and engagement so much more universal and interactive for our residents. It has been a challenging time with staffing changes and this award is so reassuring and confirmation that what they do really makes an incredible difference.

Director of Elements

Anthology of Olathe


The team at Anthology of Olathe have noted the tremendous amount of time and money they have saved by incorporating iN2L technology into their activity program. Physical therapists are enjoying spicing up their memory care intervention plans with all the ready-to-use content that is available through iN2L, such as matching games and trivia. The staff appreciates not needing to lead every minute of a group activity. The automated pieces of content allow them to walk around the room and provide residents with more 1:1 support and interaction during group activities. 

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