Enhancing staff experience through automation

In an industry where dedication runs deep and going the extra mile for residents is the norm, staff are looking for solutions to manage their day-to-day workload and maximize their cherished time with residents. Yet, with the staffing shortage continuing to rank as the biggest challenge facing senior living operators today, avoiding burnout and fatigue among staff can be a tricky obstacle. Fortunately, many operators are finding success in using technology to automate everyday tasks and lighten the load for their staff. Eliminating the time spent on manual processes means staff can spend more time actively engaging with residents. Automation is a great way to not only increase staff satisfaction and retention but also create a culture where residents receive top-quality care.

Cost of staff turnover in senior living

The 85% annual staff churn rate in the senior living industry has prompted operators to recognize the immense value of fostering a supportive work culture. Improving the staff experience not only boosts staff morale, but it significantly reduces workflow disruptions and turnover costs, which can amount to around $5,000 per replacement.

For staff who see their roles as more than just jobs, finding fulfillment comes from meaningful interactions with residents every day. Operators can help support this incredible mission by providing staff with the tools they need to streamline operations, reducing the time they spend on administrative tasks. Embracing technology and automation is a fantastic stride forward—it not only boosts performance but also gives caregivers back precious time, leading to a workplace that's even better for everyone involved.


Providing staff with technology solutions that allow them to spend more time engaging with residents can improve the staff experience, leading to higher retention rates.


Operations optimization through automation

Automation is a sure-fire way of transforming the staff experience by simplifying day-to-day operations and freeing up staff time. It takes repetitive and time-consuming tasks traditionally performed by staff and reassigns those tasks to software. This not only enhances staff productivity but also improves accuracy, encourages resident independence, enhances programming, and facilitates connections with families. With automation, staff are empowered to channel their passion and skillset into making an even greater impact on the lives of residents within the community.

How LifeLoop automation achieves operational excellence

Communities that use the LifeLoop senior living platform to automate manual tasks see a 31% increase in staff retention, largely thanks to our ability to optimize operations. Here are a few ways staff across our 4,600 communities see the daily benefits of automation through LifeLoop.

Improving accuracy

Automating resident profile management effectively reduces the margin for error by preventing duplicate data entry between LifeLoop and source systems such as PointClickCare and MatrixCare. This enables staff to streamline operations by working more efficiently and with greater accuracy.

Empowering independence

LifeLoop's automated scheduling and activity solutions guarantee that residents remain consistently engaged and well-informed. With activity reminders, residents stay updated on their planned activities and events. LifeLoop's transportation and work request features enable residents, families, and staff to easily schedule requests and receive instant updates through the LifeLoop app, promoting smooth communication and task management within the community.

Grace Faurote, Executive Director at Astral at Auburn, highlights how LifeLoop ensures efficient coordination of work requests. She emphasizes, “LifeLoop has streamlined maintenance operations by allowing the maintenance crew to easily access and fulfill work requests submitted by residents, families, and staff, contributing to a more responsive and well-maintained community environment.”

Enhancing programming

Using data analytics gives operators a clear picture of their community's performance, showing what's going well and where there's room for improvement. LifeLoop's automated data analytics focus on resident engagement and attendance, helping staff create programs that boost attendance and make the community more engaging overall.

Caitlin Curtis, Director of Resident Experience at Stellar Senior Living, attests to the transformative impact of LifeLoop on community operations. She reflects on the challenges faced before LifeLoop's implementation, sharing, “Before LifeLoop, we did not track attendance. We did not have a way to determine who participated in each activity. We created the daily activities sheet as one sheet from scratch every day. LifeLoop has streamlined all these processes for us, giving us more time to spend with the residents to nurture relationships with them!”

Keeping families connected

LifeLoop's automated weekly emails bring joy to families by keeping them updated on their loved one's vibrant community life. With our integrated calendar on community websites, families receive updates around the clock, saving staff time and strengthening family bonds through seamless communication.

Refocusing on meaningful work

Ultimately, automating once-manual tasks empowers senior living staff to focus on meaningful work, igniting purpose and satisfaction. Embracing technology to improve operational efficiency doesn't demand a complete overhaul of current processes; rather, it enhances existing workflows and improves the staff experience. And now with LifeLoop, it no longer requires piecemeal solutions. Our all-encompassing platform streamlines tools benefitting staff, residents, and families alike, ensuring efficiency and satisfaction across the board.

Want to learn how LifeLoop communities are optimizing their operations? Join us for our Flourishing Communities webinar series. Tune in to the live webinars to hear directly from senior living community leaders on how they implemented LifeLoop solutions (iN2L content and the LifeLoop operations platform) to enhance the resident experience, improve the staff experience, and create stronger family connections. 

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