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iN2L CEO Discusses “Elevating the Profession” in Argentum

iN2L‘s CEO, Lisa Taylor, had the opportunity to sit down with Amana Tashfeen of Argentum recently to discuss her perspectives on elevating the senior living profession. The lively conversation covers iN2L’s report, “Bridging the Loneliness Gap,” and Lisa’s thoughts on the future of “age tech,” the industry overall, and how technology is a true facilitator of meaningful connection. Highlights from their conversation include:  

Building meaningful relationships

The dual themes of deep connection and building true relationships echo throughout the piece. When asked about how technology can help address mounting loneliness driven by the pandemic, Lisa said: “Social connection is the heartbeat of any senior living community, whether it is via vibrant connections with loved ones, friends, fellow residents, or staff. Engagement technology is a powerful enabler of these relationships, by supporting the social integration and engagement of each older adult – and sharing this happiness with others.” 

The best tech is for everyone

The pandemic created waves of change for the industry, driving a spike in demand at the same time the industry is experiencing staffing shortages. While the role of “technology concierge” is growing, Lisa argues that the most valuable engagement technology solutions are resource-light and easy to adopt across the entire workforce and community. The ideal solution is one that can be readily adopted so that everyone can be involved and engaged in efficiencies, identifying personalized interests, and building relationships that last. 

Autonomy is empowering

Lisa says, “A strong personal sense of purpose and feeling a sense of control over one’s daily life are two keys to longevity and overall well-being.” She believes that all technology and programming that act in service of fostering residents’ sense of autonomy will help create the happiest, healthiest communities. 

To read Lisa’s full interview, including her thoughts on the vital factors all community leaders should keep top of mind, download your free copy of Argentum’s quarterly white paper titled: “Elevating the Senior Living Profession” today. Argentum members can access the full Quarterly Issue here

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