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Case study

iN2L + LifeLoop: a therapy intervention tool

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Care settings

Independent living, assisted living, & memory care

At a glance

Challenge: Motivate a resident living with dementia who is experiencing a functional decline

Solution: Utilize technology as part of a therapeutic intervention

Results:  Increases in engagement, motivation, and general enjoyment for resident

Outcomes with LifeLoop
  • Increased engagement of resident 
  • Successful implementation of innovative therapy intervention 

Cornerstone had a resident who was living with dementia and experiencing a functional decline in overall mobility and self-care, and lacking motivation. The resident required maximum assistance with transfers, struggled to maintain focus when completing tasks, and grappled with self-regulation.  


By using iN2L engagement technology—the resident was a U.S. veteran who engaged with the iN2L Flight simulator—a certified occupational therapist developed a care plan that supported the resident’s physical, cognitive, social and emotional well-being. The occupational therapist was able to address posture, trunk control, and motor coordination and increase the resident’s focus.  


IN2L's technology and content allowed a certified occupational therapist to successfully implement an innovative therapy intervention that increased the resident’s engagement and focus to more appropriate levels. Designing an intervention program around the resident’s interests motivated him to purposefully engage in his therapy sessions. Upon completing the intervention, the resident was excited to participate in future sessions to continue improving his quality of life.  

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