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60/20 Tour: A Party, Trusting Jack and 16 Crooners

Arbor Company

Does Arbor know how to throw a party or what????? Laura Ellen Christian, a longtime friend and iN2L advocate,  choreographed a huge shindig at two of their communities in Marietta, Georgia.  It was the FIRST (and maybe only time) that I could be with residents without any staff present. Yes!!  I felt like a kid allowed to drive a car for the first time without Mom or Dad sitting next to me.  It almost blew up in my face (literally) when the champagne poppers Laura Ellen had bought for us almost exploded in the hand of one of my favorite crooners in the front seat.

The day was amazing: big cakes, posters made in my honor, and 16 residents ready to cruise and croon (in all we did four rounds with four residents).  We met all kinds of fun, articulate, residents with a lot of local historical knowledge,  good voices and high energy.  The staff was on fire with their energy – Arbor looks like a fun place to work!  Francis was able to work his magic with a Cameroonian blessing,  and the 97-degree heat didn’t slow anyone down. Georgia was a hit, Arbor was a hit,  Laura Ellen –  you rock it!

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