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Get to know our new CEO, Rob Fisher

We are pleased to introduce our new CEO, Rob Fisher. Rob is a highly experienced executive who has spent the past two decades leading, growing, and transforming large healthcare technology organizations. His deep experience in care transitions and post-acute care settings drives his passion for serving LifeLoop’s mission of making senior care exceptional for everyone.


What has shaped you into the person you are today?

I’d summarize it simply: family and journeys.

Starting with family, my upbringing had a profound influence on who I am. Growing up, I was fortunate to be raised in a household – with my incredible three older sisters – that balanced support with ambition. My parents embody a blend of values. My dad taught us his disciplined work ethic – “work hard and play hard, but in that order,” while my mom's empathetic, patient nature provided a nurturing and driven environment that shaped my character.

To say that my wife has played an instrumental role in my personal and professional development is a big understatement. Her unwavering support and compassionate spirit have been constant sources of inspiration. Everything she does is rooted in good intentions, and since her intentions are so pure she is able to take fast action. Witnessing her boldness in assisting others has taught me invaluable lessons about acting from the heart. I am constantly learning from her.IMG_3442-1 

Equally significant are my four kids. They continually teach me lessons in selflessness and relationships, which is vital to serving a role dedicated to improving lives and fostering well-being both for the populations we serve and our LifeLoop team.

Secondly, in the category of journeys, I’ll start with my journey through sports. It instilled in me essential life lessons about combining different skills to succeed as a team. From learning to compete as a team to experiencing both victories and defeats, sports taught me the importance of teamwork, perseverance, and sportsmanship. I apply what I learned from playing sports to my life and leadership style every day through a leader-amongst-peers mentality.

And lastly, yet most importantly, my spirituality and faith journey continue to keep me grounded and living with gratitude even in the most challenging of times.

Tell us about your education and career.

STEM subjects always came naturally to me growing up, but I struggled with language classes. It wasn’t until my freshman year at Georgia Tech that I was tested for dyslexia; I passed that test with flying colors in the “you’re the classic case” kind of way. Essentially, my brain wants to read and process information from right to left but that’s not how things work in the US, so I trained over time to process left to right. Navigating my dyslexia has provided great opportunities for growth, teaching me patience and resilience in overcoming challenges. That said, I’ll add it’s unlikely you’ll find me reading for pleasure.

My career has been quite a journey. I started in telecom before taking a chance on a start-up sales and marketing firm, where I ultimately went to work for one of our clients, Per-Se Technologies in sales and marketing. That organization was acquired by McKesson where I was able to focus primarily on building a business serving Payers. Having the itch to help build up another business, I joined Curaspan with a focus on Acute to Post-Acute transitions leveraging technology, where I eventually took on the sales leader role. After a series of acquisitions, we were ultimately sold to Optum in 2020. At that time, I raised my hand to take on the GM role of the original Curaspan asset and after 2 years in that seat, we prepared ourselves for a spin-out, eventually selling to WellSky in August of 2022. 

How did your passion for technology and innovation grow into a passion for healthcare?

My passion for technology has always been there. Having an engineering mind, I enjoy problem-solving, understanding how things work at their most basic levels, and then injecting a layer of technology or automation to create improved efficiencies. Once I realized how much opportunity there was with solving problems in healthcare – problems that really impact people – I knew that’s where I should apply my energy.

My specific interest in senior living comes from personal experience. My parents live in an incredible senior living facility in Georgia. Seeing the unique needs of our aging populations, including my own parents, ignited an excitement within me at the opportunity to enhance their quality of life through innovative solutions. Each generation seems to have a new set of wants and needs as they age, which is so exciting to solve for. 

Are there any hobbies you’d like to share?

IMG_4176-1Sports, sports, and more sports – they have always been a significant part of my life. These days I run and exercise to keep my mind and body healthy. Running has become a shared passion within my family, with my son leading the charge. While I used to have a step on him, he has since surpassed me and is now nowhere in sight. I appreciate him for inspiring me to keep pushing my limits. 

When I have time for pure fun, I play a lot of tennis and pickleball. I also really enjoy golf, but given an active family and the time required to play, I don’t get out quite as often as I’d like.

And of course, like many, I love to travel. While a relaxing beach vacation has its place, I typically prefer to explore and experience more active travel. 

What are you passionate about outside of work?

FullSizeRenderRelationships and enjoying the company of family and friends. My wife and I are from large families with the good fortune of nearly everyone living in the Atlanta area. We love hosting dinners or simply having family or friends over for ‘cocktails and conversations.’ There is so much to learn from others that help us broaden our perspectives and become more inclusive.

We enthusiastically support all things Georgia Tech. Along with me, my wife, and son, we have a fairly large contingent of the extended family that attended or now attend Georgia Tech. Whether attending sports events or keeping up with the alumni community, my ties to Georgia Tech remain a constant source of pride. Go Jackets!

I also love spending time at home cooking up something tasty on my Big Green Egg or tending to my lawn with the goal of making it as beautiful as a lush fairway. 

What are you most excited about in your new role as CEO?

Assuming the role of CEO is a unique opportunity with significant influence to create good in this world. It comes with great responsibility to make a meaningful impact on the individuals within our organization, our customers, and their residents – something that really excites me.

I'm a firm believer that culture needs to start from the top and, when done right, is a major business differentiator. Creating a positive work environment where employees both feel empowered and truly are empowered, valued, and motivated is a priority for me. It is my goal to provide clarity in the business to reduce friction, build genuine trust with employees, and maintain a culture that naturally allows folks to look at challenges as fun or opportunity versus frustration.

Done right, we can operate at top speed to address the evolving needs of our industry and make a lasting difference in the lives of those we serve.

How do you align with LifeLoop’s mission?

LifeLoop’s mission resonates deeply with my personal and professional values. The commitment to enhancing the aging experience through innovative technology solutions aligns perfectly with my passion for making a positive impact in senior care.

We have a senior population that continues to grow with changing needs. The current cohort of seniors could be considered the first generation that adopted technology and became dependent on computer systems. Yet, much of the market maintains a less sophisticated infrastructure designed to serve previous generational needs only. These are challenges we are motivated to overcome in order to provide the quality of life our seniors deserve.

I firmly believe that technology has the power to revolutionize the way we approach aging and senior living. By leveraging cutting-edge tools and solutions, we can improve the quality of life for seniors, promote independence, and foster a sense of community and connection.

As CEO, I am dedicated to advancing LifeLoop's mission and driving positive change in the senior care industry as well as internally at LifeLoop. By working collaboratively with our team, partners, and stakeholders, we can continue to innovate, evolve, and create meaningful solutions that empower seniors to live their best lives.

Learn more about Rob in the official press release or connect with him on LinkedIn.


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