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One name, one mission: iN2L + LifeLoop has rebranded to LifeLoop

Today is a momentous day for us: the launch of the all-new LifeLoop. While on the surface our look, feel, and brand are changing, deep down we know it means something much more—it marks our definitive step forward as we usher in a new era for us as an organization.

I am delighted to introduce the new LifeLoop and share our new brand identity, one that resonates with our core values, our vision for the future, and our commitment to creating meaningful impact for senior living staff, residents, and their families. The LifeLoop name captures the ideals of continuity, growth, and interconnectedness—principles we work to foster with the technology, tools, and resources we develop for our communities. Our name symbolizes the infinite possibilities that lie ahead as we weave together the threads of technology and innovation to elevate the aging experience for older adults and their caregivers.

Our journey

iN2L was founded in 1999 on the idea that it’s never too late for senior adults to enrich their lives, and we have been working tirelessly ever since to redefine the experience of aging for senior adults living in residential communities.

As technology and older adults’ use of it have evolved over the years, so too has the company and our mission to enhance the lives of seniors, their caregivers, and their families. What began as a way to introduce technology into the lives of seniors expanded into a more holistic approach to enriching their lives not just through engaging content, but also through empowering the staff who support them and facilitating connections with their families.

In 2022, when iN2L merged with LifeLoop, we knew that the strongest path forward would be to consolidate under a single brand. LifeLoop encompasses so much of senior living—by moving forward as LifeLoop, we can bring the best of iN2L content into the future with our goal of providing a solution that holistically enriches the full lives of residents, staff, and families, both inside and outside the community.

What’s next for LifeLoop

We have always been clear on one thing—our mission: to make senior care exceptional for everyone. Our refreshed brand and unified name help articulate how we’re boldly innovating technology to help senior living communities

Visit our new website,

As we move forward under a singular brand, we remain focused on our customers and committed to our mission to make senior living exceptional for everyone. To hear more about our new brand and our vision for the future, listen to the newest episode of Senior Living Reimagined, where Jack York, iN2L Co-Founder, joins me to discuss the past, present, and future of iN2L + LifeLoop.

To learn more about this announcement, please read the official press release.

We are LifeLoop!


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