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60/20 Tour: Awesome Welcome, Sock Hops and Historian Dave Fulcher

Wellington Place at Rib Mountain and Milwaukee Catholic Home

Our first day in Wisconsin starts at Wellington Place at Rib Mountain, a Carriage community.  Bob Seibel,  CEO of Carriage, is a great friend, WWII and nursing home historian and also a fan of iN2L.  We have our systems spread out over all his communities so it was appropriate to make a stop in his honor.  And what a welcoming party!  We pull up in the sun of mid-morning and several hundred yards away, eyes squinting in the heat, we see all of the residents outside waiting for something. It dawns on Leslie and me simultaneously that something is us!  Holding signs about my birthday, about iN2L – what a show they had put on!  We got all kinds of accolades from energetic staff and residents and got a couple of folks to cruise and croon with us.

A several hour drive follows to downtown Milwaukee and Milwaukee Catholic Home and there is Dave Fulcher – the man, the myth, the legend – all decked out in his 50s look,  straight out of “Grease”.  And about half of his staff could have played the Olivia Newton-John role;  they were having a sock hop!  Perfect timing for an iN2L visit,  as we had our iN2L Driving Simulator to add to the car show they had outside. A few folks who had not driven in years were able to relive the experience of being on the open road.

We did three Cruising and Crooning rides here, the highlight of all three was a straight-laced Marty, who had a great dry sense of humor. We also had three of the sock hop girls climb in and sing “Rockin’ Robin”. I look forward to seeing that one!  We had two other runs with Fulcher being the Wisconsin historian and local tour guide. There’s a lot of Milwaukee Catholic home history we were able to capture.

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