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60/20 Tour: Saluting Our First Customer, Cruising Indoors and Cindy Working Me Over


Broadmead was our only stop in Maryland as we work our way down the east coast in true 60/20 fashion.  Kristi Stoglin, iN2L’s VP of Client Success, had joined the band for this leg of the trip.  She’s been a huge part of our success since joining our team, and she has plenty of stories to share of the “unique” attributes of iN2L. It’s so cool to have her along for the ride. John Howl, Broadmead CEO, purchased the first-ever iN2L system in the history of our company!  In 2001, John was the CEO at Christian Living Communities in Denver,  and here we both are,  18 years later.  What a journey!  And we’re excited that our friend and iN2L advocate Cindy Yingling has joined Broadmead. She’s extracted a lot of donation money out of us over the years and that continues today.

Broadmead is undergoing some massive renovations and construction,  yet they can maintain their soul and beauty through the construction process.  It’s clear in talking to the staff that they are excited about the future.  John is making his mark.  We do an inside cruising and crooning – no van rides – but between me,  Francis,  Kristi, and the cool Broadmead staff, we have a party, some iN2L programming and overall great time.  I never want to get self-serving in these posts, but iN2L is a damn good product.  Hats off to Justine and our whole content team; it is amazing the breadth of what we have built.  And at virtually every stop, stories of all flavors and colors come from the staff in our communities about how they use and enjoy the product.  I’ve had lots of reflective thoughts along the way of my brother Tom, the empty seat at the end of the table no one can fill.  I think it hits me harder at Broadmead than at other places because of the memories of John and the purchase of the first iN2L system. More than 3,000 communities later,  we have a lot to be proud of,  and a lot to be thankful for.

Let’s keep rolling south!

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