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60/20 Tour: Fashion Diva in Frisco, an iN2L Theme Song and a Long Drive

Parkview and Advanced Healthcare Solutions

Watermark has been a multi-year partner of iN2L (thanks Kelly!) so it was certainly appropriate to make a stop,  and we picked Parkview in Frisco, just outside of Dallas.  It was a warm celebration and a beautiful community. I was moved by the staff, especially Dorianne and Bibi. Bibi had a great story to share of immigrating to the US from Iran.  We had a great cruise, especially thanks to Bonnie, a total fashion diva with her multi-colored socks (she showed us multiple pairs later in her room).  She is a character who’s lived a full life and likes sharing stories!  Thanks, Dorianne, for your hospitality. Parkview is a community you’d be happy to have your Mom move into!

We headed out in the afternoon to visit Advanced Healthcare Solutions. Carmen Vitton (COO of Rehab Synergies) has been a huge advocate of iN2L over the years from a therapy standpoint. The tour is winding down, and for the first time, we are graced with a song written and performed by cruisers and crooners!  Carmen and her team rewrote the words of YMCA to iN2L – how awesome!  This may become our new theme song!  It was a fun ride. We blew up all kinds of confetti in the back seat as we were driving,  and then afterward were treated to a great iN2L party. Actually, I think they were just looking for an excuse to throw a party and we were happy to oblige.

All in all, it was a great day in Texas, and now I have to deal with my biggest geography snafu of the trip.  For whatever reason,  I thought the distance between Dallas and Phoenix was around 6 hours. WRONG!  It’s about 15 and a half. So, Francis and Leslie flew ahead,  and I did the long drive by myself with the help of a lot of late-night Bruce Springsteen tunes. If you ever want to have an interesting visual experience,  I recommend driving through Midland Texas (and all the refineries) at 3 am. What a bizarre glow!  But, I made it to Phoenix. Next stop: Sun Health!

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