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60/20 Tour: The Long Drive, Sun Parties and a Vet on the Back

Sun Health

It’s our last stop before LeadingAge,  and we’re visiting  Sun Health in Arizona. We wound up making three stops at three different communities, each one tied to Cameroonian Blessings, to celebrate our partnership with Sun,  and meeting a lot of new residents.  The ringleader was, of course, Bhakti Gosalia, the inspirational leader at Sun who I think knows every resident and staff person by name; it’s remarkable.  We have a long relationship with Bhakti. She was always a proponent of iN2L but wanted to make sure she had the right staff in place for it before she launched any programs.  Now, several years later, her staff has embraced what we do.

The van was long gone for this visit (Leslie drove it from Phoenix to San Diego to get it loaded on the LeadingAge Conference exhibit floor), so there was no crooning and crooning. But that didn’t slow down the festivities. Three parties and three cakes (that makes 73 for the tour so far).  My favorite part of the day was Francis loading one of the residents on his back after a blessing.  He picked him out especially because he was a veteran, and assumed he would be able to withstand some shenanigans.  He survived, but the staff was terrified (as was I)!  It was a wonderful visit, with the special fascination of seeing Francis and Rosie react to a Tesla in self-driving mode. They thought it was witchcraft!

On to San Diego, on to LeadingAge!

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