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Digital signage

Engage and inform with custom displays

Make a positive impression on residents, families, staff, and visitors by customizing your community with vibrant, engaging, easy-to-use digital signage.
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LifeLoop solution
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Motivate and inspire your community with unique digital signage

Avoid updates that get ignored and get rid of outdated paper clutter. LifeLoop’s digital displays solution is a creative, low-cost, and easy-to-deploy way to boost engagement and keep your community informed, with minimal hardware and tech expertise required.
Quickly share what matters most
Create unique signage and embedded displays to make announcements, promote activities, celebrate birthdays, and share photos across your community.
Make unique impressions
Create and share an unlimited number of unique signs and other visuals. Customize by facility, room, and living space. Easily display on any television or embed on your website.
Highlight updates that are relevant and timely
Engage residents with customized content that’s easily livestreamed to in-room channels. Sync with your LifeLoop activity calendar for automatic, real-time updates.
Set your community apart
Show off your community spirit to impress visitors, let family quickly see what’s going on, and impress prospective residents by screening videos in common spaces.

Interested in elevating and customizing your community experience?

Designed to enable happier and healthier lives, the LifeLoop software solution comes complete with a full suite of additional features to better support communities and facilities of all sizes.
Calendar management
Save time and simplify scheduling with a faster, more effective way to build calendars. 
Photo sharing
Capture and share the moments that make life wonderful, connecting friends and family.
Build a stronger community by branding the content that residents use every day.
Ensure fast, easy, and secure communications to keep your community connected.
Connection portal
Offer families a window into their loved one's world, no matter where they are.
Resident portal
Help residents stay connected to their family and friends and engaged with the community.

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Take a closer look at how LifeLoop can help your community flourish with custom displays, branded videos, easy event announcements, and much more.
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“The display feature on LifeLoop is convenient and effective when it comes to keeping residents informed.  I’m able to be at my desk and put an announcement up that will be live throughout the building within 5 minutes.  It’s really incredible!  We also just started utilizing the display feature for our break room, so Team Members can stay informed as well.”
“LifeLoop is an incredible tool for resident, staff, and family engagement. Creating a calendar, newsletter and digital signage has never been easier. The software is intuitive, and the interface is user-friendly! We recently had a resident tell us, “I don’t know what I would do without LifeLoop.” If I had to use three words to describe LifeLoop, it would be accessible, innovative, and invaluable!”
“We didn’t have a clue of the full picture of what LifeLoop was going to be able to do for us. The difference it was going to make in our operations, the difference it was going to make in our culture, the difference it was going to make for our families. Continuing to build that trust with the families in a way that has exceeded what we thought it was going to do. So, it’s been pretty great.”

Frequently asked questions

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Get a closer look at how LifeLoop can help keep everyone in your community informed and inspired with unique, customized signage and displays.

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  • Give your community vibrant visual flair
  • Easily share pre-recorded videos and slideshows
  • Get the word out on upcoming events and activities
  • Livestream content directly to residents’ rooms
  • Show off your community to visitors
Flourishing LifeLoop communities
I have worked with LifeLoop since its beginnings and I continue to be impressed with the continued growth and improvement of the product. Our families enjoy the information and photos they get daily, a kind of a window into their loved one's day, and our staff relies on the communication and attendance tracking.
Lucie Flood Life Enrichment Director Fieldstone Cornell Landing

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